Why do I love Fortnite Battle Royale so much?

Fortnite: Review Royale

When you were young, you would often hear stories about the future.

Robots, flying cars, Japanese Cyberpunk aesthetic, advancements in medical treatments that would allow us to survive even the most mortal of wounds.

But nothing ever turns out the way you expect, does it?

A strange storm has destroyed the Earth and with it comes a variety of monsters jonesing for a taste of flesh. So how do we survive? We kill each other.

Please turn down your volume, you’ll thank me later.

Fortnite Battle Royale gives you this same future, however, flying cars becomes a flying bus, Japanese Cyberpunk becomes cartoonish mayhem, insane medical treatments becomes an barrel of what could only be described as Gatorade and robots? Well… there are still robots.

In an attempt to win the Battle Royale, you’ll need to be the last one standing from a crowd of 99 other individuals. At your disposal are a parade of various guns, traps and explosives each with their own benefits and range.

And the building! Walls, floors and stairs easily built around you for protection or to allow you to force Anakin into submission. (high ground, anyone?)

Is he a pro!?

Now I might not be some big city gamer, but if you give me a free game and I still manage to sink a couple hundo into it, I think you’re on a winner.

“Drew! How are you so financially irresponsible when playing a FREE game?” I often get asked. Gather around my children because I’m about to tell you the secret. The answer… is skins.


The satisfaction of out gunning and out building an opponent is made infinitely sweeter by dressing up like a dinosaur and doing the dance from Napoleon Dynamite, or by donning the garments of a proud Viking entering Valhalla whilst doing a dance you would probably only see performed unironically by a young all female K-Pop group.

But underneath all this chaos is a (sometimes) subtle backstory. What began as just a 100 person free for all on a mysterious island slowly began to unfold this (still mysterious and somewhat confusing) backstory, showing the rise and eventual fall of civilisation.

Using subtle map changes, audio cues and even very mild scenic events in the sky, they begin to hint at something more.

Season 3 ended with a meteor appearing in the sky, which slowly grew larger and larger until suddenly parts of the map hit, permanently destroying some areas.

Season 4 had the inclusion of heroes and villains, constantly warring behind the scenes until finally the villains launched a rocket which almost blew up the entire map, but instead tore through the fabric of space and time!

What will Season 5 bring? Well with luck more ridiculous skins and on point dance routines, cause when this lil’ dinosaur suited gun toting loser takes someone down, you better believe he’s dabbing on them haters.


So, why do I play?

At the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a long day and cracking a slurp juice on the couch while you prove your dominance over what can only be described as a barrage of sweaty kids.

Official Score 4.5drew out of 5drew

RAWR means “get out of it, mate” in drongo.