Stormers: What’s new for you in 2018!


Greetings and salty stations Stormers!

Barry and I have been talking about our Patreon and how much it means for you to be supporting us monetarily as well as viewing, supporting and participating with our channel. We decided that you deserve more, and that’s exactly what you’ll get!

We’ve revised our Patreon tiers so that you’ll get more out of them than just the warm and fuzzies (that we love!).

Speed Stormers

SO! The changes start here! Instead of just having earlier access to some random stuff we’ve been doing every now and again, you’ll be getting content before anyone else at least once a month!

In addition to our Stormers Only Podcast, this could include stuff like our BuildStormers progress, the current state of any games we’re working on and even rough cuts from songs/games that we may have been tinkering away at! Anything we’re working on, you’ll know first!

Big Boi 2 Stormers

Onto the overhaul of for Big Boi’s! We’ve decided that there’s an arguably more awesome way to see yourself onscreen than names at the end of an episode. You’ll get your own customised pixel person designed to look like you, featured in the pre-stream video!

You will be prominently featured in a ‘Patreon-only’ scene, like the one below:

Barty isn't real. Stormers getting ready to stream!

Chief Executive Stormers

Finally, onto the illustrious Chief Executive Stormer tier!

You will still get all previous rewards, your once-off t-shirt sent to you, as well as being able to pull the strings behind the scenes and get us to play a game of your choosing, but you will also get your own pixel likeness featured not only in the pre-stream video, but every GameStormers Intro video for the duration of your Patreon-age!

There will be a Patron-only portion of the intro where your BitStormer™ will be displayed alongside the other Chief Exec. Stormer! backers, poking your cute little block faces out from the sides of the screen!

It’ll look a lil’ somethin’ like this:

Stormers! Be immortalised as a BitStormer!

We hope you’re excited for these changes as much as we were to implement them! Let us know what you think of them!

Thank you all so much for your above-and-beyond support. You guys are the driving force behind us, keeping us doing what we do.

Much love,
Chris and Baz

xoxo GossipStormers

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