LISTEN: We talk Nintendo with The Heroes Tavern


We joined Callum (@HitThatRowdyy), Josh (@SpazRus) and Nick (@TheBSMuffin) from The Heroes Tavern Podcast to talk all things Nintendo!

I highly recommend you have a listen, it was so much fun chatting with the boys and Barry and I learnt SO much about Nintendo’s history that we had no idea about before getting prepped for this episode!

We talk early history, successes and failures then have a bit of a pow-wow (that’s still a phrase, right?) about our favourite first party titles and memories.

Barry and I also may have found the origins of one of the NES’s launch titles! (You’ll have to listen to find out which one, buhahahahahaha!)

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These legends!

Thanks again to The Heroes Tavern for hosting us at their place, super awesome bunch of blokes and we look forward to doing more collaborations in the future.

In fact, we already have! Be on the look out here so you don’t miss our upcoming 2nd Podcast Battle

(The photo for this post MIGHT be a hint as to what game was played!)

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Listen Now:

Time Stamps

0:00:00 Intro and hello
0:06:21 Nintendo, A history
0:32:13 Virtual Boy
0:35:22 Are Nintendo a toy company?
0:42:41 Favourite Nintendo game/series and console talk
1:04:27 The “Nintendo PlayStation”
1:14:07 Wrap up and goodbye

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