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MachiaVillain – 10 Horror References You Might Have Missed

Along with its retro-esque vibe, one of the main things I loved about this game is the number of horror film references it has in it. If you are, or ever have been, a horror movie buff, you will find limitless joy as you stumble into these as you play. A small handful I picked…
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MachiaVillain – Welcome to the League of Villains

MachiaVillain is a well-illustrated game featuring you, an aspiring evil villain, building and running an evil mansion from scratch with the aid of your minions. No, not the yellow kind overused in marketing.Your minions are an assortment of monster creatures that you hire to fulfill the roles needed to run a successful evil lair. “What…
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Pitch.io – Nusakana

Pitch.io. It’s what the birds and bees do. It’s been a while, but this is the next iteration of Pitch.io, where I sift through an assortment of games on itch.io and tell you all about the juiciest nuggets I find. This week: Nusakana. The main menu background changes with what local time it is. Pretty nifty! Now I spotted some…
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Pitch.io – Vision Soft Reset

Pitch.io. It’s what your mum made you for. I play through a glut of games on itch.io and tell you if you should give your fingers the time of day to play them! For Pitch.io’s maiden voyage I’m going to take you on a journey, to another planet, and back in time. Vision Soft Reset. This…
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