Write with us! – Game Article Program

If you’re here, you’re considering writing a review article for The GameStormers!

We have 4 (2 Left!) ongoing positions for regular writers, whom we will give a free copy of a game to review every month. Generally speaking these will be indie games as those are the games we LOVE here at The GameStormers.

Here are some guidelines to help you get started:

  • Firstly, and most importantly; Let your personality shine through!
  • We are looking for fun, yet descriptive articles in which you express and articulate your thoughts, feelings and experiences with the games you play.
  • We expect respectful, thoughtful and honest takes on the games.
  • When playing provided games, ensure you give them enough time to be able to form balanced opinions.
  • We reserve the right to check and edit all articles you submit to make sure they’re suitable for The GameStormers website.

Think you have the right stuff?

Email us at contact@thegamestormers.com

Check out some of contributors work!

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