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For Pitch.io’s maiden voyage I’m going to take you on a journey, to another planet, and back in time.

Vision Soft Reset. This game really surprised me.

I knew I was in for a good time when I saw that the main menu’s text font was that of a BIOS. I jumped in, and it starts off playing like it’s going to be your standard Metroidvania fare. Then it took that idea and blew it out of my brainhole. 

Hello DOS my old friend.

So, you play as Oracle, and you can see into the future. For example, dialogue between you and your human counterpart Wally shows that you know when an enemy is going to encounter your ship, as well as refer to it by it’s name before you’ve even seen it. There’s even a neat little entry into the game’s ‘Help’ section explaining why you even have in-game conversations at all, since Oracle already knows what’s going to be said. Now gameplay mechanic wise, this works by being able to see what certain enemy’s movements and attacks are (before they perform them) as white silhouettes, acting as in game future vision. Tres noice.

I see what you’re doing there… BEFORE YOU DO IT!

You also have a bit of time manipulation called ‘flashback’, being able to reverse time about 10 seconds into the past, which not only is needed when you’ve jumped into a bottomless pit or to dodge that last hit, but it even works to get you back from the dreaded ‘Game Over’ screen.

Be warned though, it’s a limited resource in the form of a bar which get’s drained as it’s used. It automatically gets refilled to 25% capacity after a time and only pickups can restore it fully, so you have to be mindful of it’s use.

These gameplay mechanics come together and make for a gameplay experience that sets itself apart with an interesting twist, not just for gameplay mechanics, but it also plays a huge part in story and exploration. 

You also gather upgrades to your suit in the form of Decryptors, like the Charge Shot which is not only a more powerful attack, but allows you to destroy specific walls to access other areas.

The game presents these upgrades as ‘information’ learned about the suit and it’s abilities, therefore allowing Oracle to learn and access these hidden talents, unlike health upgrades, which are physical pickups. This becomes more important when you learn how the save and ‘teleports’ work.

These bad boys are typically found as a reward for exploration. Just the way I like ’em.

Onto that, then! Now, SPOILERS. They may not be very pertinent, but they’re there nonetheless. This game turns out to be on a time limit. I won’t say why. But you get plonked right in the middle of the map which branches off into intricate explorable areas on either side. 

How, pray tell, do you navigate this large area without the time running out? Well, my good person, the save and teleport system doesn’t just warp you back spatially, but it sends you back in time to the point where you saved the game, therefore reverting the clock to the time it was when you saved. You still retain your ‘upgrades’ from other areas, because all you attained was knowledge, but lose all your tangible pickups, like health upgrades. Clever, right?

The map, AKA Time Tree. You leave yourself a string of recall points that you can jump back and forth to.

In summation, I rate the demo of Vision Soft Reset a solid ‘You should definitely give it a go’ out of 5. Especially if you like games that stick to a formula enough to feel familiar whilst also being able to bend the mould.

If you’re keen to give it a play, grab the demo for yourself! 
Vision Soft Reset Game Page: https://th3shark.itch.io/vision-soft-reset

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