Invisible Inc. – A Turn Based Tactical You May Have Missed

What they can’t see, CAN hurt them.

You control a group of ragtag operatives fighting back against the mega corporations that control most of the world as we know it, somehow they have found your base of operations and hit you like a hammer.

Your base has fallen and most of your agents have been either captured or taken out, you escape with your super AI “Incognita” and a handful of agents, but time is running out, Incognita’s power will only last so long and the corporations are still closing in, how will you fight back?

Will you make it or will they take you out for good?

You are, Invisible Inc.

As the timer ticks down you must make your choice and hope it will help in the struggle

Getting Started

Right from the get go you are thrown in the deep end in this turn based tactical espionage pseudo sci-fi future world that is Invisible Inc. A quick tutorial will teach you the basics but don’t think that will be all you need.

Invisible Inc is unforgiving, the slightest slip up or oversight will see one of your best agents shot down and a mission failed. The greedy corporations will claim their victory by any means possible.

In the easier difficulties you will be given some leniency with a limited number of turn rewinds however the true nature of the game is to sit it out in one play through and really plan out your moves.

Everything is NOT Okay

It is very easy to rush into things, to be over confident with your position, you have checked the corners, watched the guards, things look all clear, you rush into the room and crap! You missed that camera in the corner!

The music gives you this sense of urgency, you feel like you have only a limited time to make your moves and get out, which is fantastic, it adds a hidden layer of complexity, your worst enemy, yourself.

In reality you actually have plenty of time to make your moves, but each move you make better count as with each passing turn the security level will raise and make things harder and harder to escape.

This is just moments before it all went to hell, I forgot to check the guard patrols from the eastern room and got cornered, thus was the end of this play through!


Equipment is mostly limited to knockouts, especially at the start, lethal weapons are rare to find and hard to acquire, which means you will need to take into account when that guy you knocked out two rooms back will wake up and come running in behind you.

Hacking is a big part of the game, allowing you to disable devices, crack safes or even turn the enemies turrets and bots against them, but be careful of the daemons!

Most of the time it is better if you just sneak past, others you have no choice to knock em out, sure the easy option is to just kill them, or is it? Remember the corporations are clever and what is worse, they are expecting you.

A rather successful mission

The Bottom Line

The art is fantastic, the music is great and the difficulty curve keeps me coming back for more punishment! Whilst I will say there were a few times I wish I could have changed the camera angle to better see corners hidden behind objects that is only a minor flaw.

Choose your agents, gather your wits and prepare for infiltration, let’s bring those greedy Corp’s to their knees.

Invisible Inc.


World Design


Gameplay Design


Story Design


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Sound Design



  • Story draws you in
  • Many difficulty options


  • Camera angle can be annoying at times
  • Story is a bit short

Ash is an avid strategy games player who likes his games to be as difficult as possible. He has a passion for LARPing and even owns his own plate mail armour!