Frostpunk – Everyone I love keeps dying

So, What is Frostpunk?

Frostpunk is a strategy survival sim set in a steampunk Victorian alternate reality where the world is suffering from a new ice age, most of humanity has been wiped out and those few who have survived have settled a new home around a steam generator that provides the new most important resource in this frozen wasteland, heat.

All hail the mighty generator, bringer of heat!

Starting Off

Frostpunk hits you right in the feels straight away. My first night I had 23 of my 80 subjects freeze to death because I failed to get the generator running in time. Then I was asked to make a law about corpse disposal… Do I give my people a proper burial? Or do I throw their bodies into a snow heap and move on with life?

Then I was asked to make a law about corpse disposal… Do I give my people a proper burial? Or do I throw their bodies into a snow heap and move on with life?

Not everything that happens is bad… Just most things

It gets intense, fast.

The game has you make some very hard choices, most will not go over well with your survivors, but its all in the name of survival right? For the good of the people right?
I had to battle my moral side and my industrial survival instincts to make every choice.

Should I run the generator during the day to keep up the warmth? Or save the precious coal for the night time chill.
Should I send my children to work? Or bunk them away safely.

Time to make some tough choices

You really get a feeling of fighting for your peoples lives, the slightest wrong move can be catastrophic.
I wont lie, I restarted three or four times before I was happy with just my first two days, I am still not even sure I made the best calls for my people, but well.. they have to live with it now.

The Visuals

The atmosphere of the game is really brought home by the dull cool colour scheme, using browns,greys and blues, there is next to no vibrant colour or any warmth other than your generator, and seeing as the generator is the very key to survival, this really hammers home its value.

The visuals are incredible, seeing your people trek through the snow, leaving their mark, watching them move around town just trying to survival.

A giant Automaton arrives to aid the city

There are times where I was very happy there is a pause, just to collect my thoughts and to decide how best to direct my fledgling society. Just when I thought everything was going well, right on track something happens (no spoilers) and everything went to hell!

Suddenly I had a choice, do my people look to religion to find their hope? Or do I direct them by firm order and discipline.

There is no going back now

The game throws a number of curve balls at you, so always be on your toes and ready to respond.

So now it’s over to you. Will you lead your people to survival and offer them a new hope or will they perish in this forsaken frozen wasteland?

Ash is an avid strategy games player who likes his games to be as difficult as possible. He has a passion for LARPing and even owns his own plate mail armour!