Feel the Snow – Explore an adorable winter wasteland

I am a big fan of survival games, especially co-op ones. So when I stumbled upon Feel the Snow I just had to give it a go.

So, what is about?

On the surface Feel the Snow is a cute little sandbox adventure game in which your little snow creature must survive in a harsh environment against the wild and some dark shadow fiends.

Death has never been so cute.
Exploring the snowy fields yields loot or baddies

The game very much throws you in the deep end with only a tiny bit of hand holding to show you the very basics.

Hell, for the first five minutes I knew my poor little snowman was starting to starve to death but I didn’t know where to obtain any food to keep them alive, I was too busy exploring the ravaged starting town and getting some backstory.

Home is where the snow is
Home sweet home

Speaking of which, the story is grim, your home has been invaded by shadow beasts and you are one of the few survivors. The game is filled with a lot of humour to help lighten the mood.


Combat is simple but enjoyable, with a choice of three skill paths for most characters, magic, ranged and melee.
I started in co-op so we had a fairly easy time fighting off the beasties at first, but found there was not really much to be concerned about as dying has little to no repercussions.

Putting in the work!
Upgrading the homestead

There is a mad panic to make a safe place to live as night time can be pretty rough in the early game and getting a steady supply of food is a must, however this panic dies off rather fast after that.

The crafting system is fresh in that you must fight monsters to earn recipes to make new and better equipment and you must explore their uses.

The monsters do scale nicely and its worth exploring the randomly generated map for goodies. Pretty much everything has a purpose and a use.

Enter the Dark Zone

It wasn’t until about 4 hours of mucking around that we discovered the secret of the dark zone which made things a lot more interesting for those going down the magic path.

Enter the DARK ZONE
The dark zone can be a real challenge early in the game

The Verdict

All in all you get the feeling you are playing a cute and more user friendly, story driven game of Don’t Starve, which I am perfectly fine with as I really enjoyed my time with that game.

It is still in development and I look forward to further additions making it even better!

Overall I am really enjoying Feel the Snow, though it definitely is a game best enjoyed with friends.

Ash is an avid strategy games player who likes his games to be as difficult as possible. He has a passion for LARPing and even owns his own plate mail armour!