Crying Suns – Take to the stars!

So here I am browsing social media when I stumble upon a link a friend has posted up, a new game which has blasted through Kickstarter that has a very FTL feel to it.. I just had to try it out…

Right off the bat Crying Suns sets the atmosphere, we are shown a very Matrix like tower of cryo chambers with a sentinel like creature moving around the towers, we descend down to meet our commander awaking from his chamber to be greeted by an Omni, an extremely intelligent and high tech droid who will be our companion through our journey in the stars.

 Getting a Matrix vibe, in a very good way!

I have already fallen in love with the setting. Humanity has expanded to unthinkable countless star systems, reaching out across the universe. But nothing is as it seems.
The pseudo science the developers have created to tie the universe together is incredible and well-thought-out. There is so much to talk about when it comes to the story but I really don’t want to spoil anything, lets just say, it is fantastic and this is just in the early development stages.

The music is fantastic and really sets the mood and the graphics… well I adore pixel art and these guys have nailed it. The style, lighting and designs perfectly match the theme and really draw you into the game.

As mentioned earlier, the game is very much in the early stages, I was able to play through what I will call the first “chapter” a series of star systems with places to explore in each, all with their own risks and rewards. You really get a strong feeling of playing FTL, which, seeing as I loved FTL, I was right on board for Crying Suns.

 The star map gives plenty of choice

While the demo is a long way off the full game, I can see so much room for potential in it.

Combat is on a real time grid, you are able to pause to co-ordinate yourself better.  But you must really plan your moves out as battles get more difficult and intense, you have a limited amount of commander (action) points that regenerate over time and it is very easy to over tax your supply with small moves that leave you starving for them when you need to react suddenly.

On the grid you will be faced with the enemy flagship on one side and yours on the other, a series of random obstacles are scattered about, do not underestimate them! They will rip your strike crafts apart if you are not careful and fly through them.

 A typical battle grid

You have 3 types of strike craft currently, Drones, Fighters and Cruisers, it looks like there will be more to come in the full game. Currently they work on a very simple rock paper scissors system. But each also have their own benefit. Drones are quick and can move through debris without taking much damage, but they put out very little in return. Cruisers are slow hulking craft that will be torn apart in debris, but have range and put out a lot of damage, while fighters are your all rounders.

Just like in FTL you can equip your ship with different weapons, some are better at helping your strike craft by shooting down the enemies, while others are better suited at just hammering home on the enemy flagship.
You need to find the right balance for each enemy you come up against which I like, it’s not a stale rinse and repeat.

 Prepping the away team and assigning a hero

In the combat grid we also get access to some of our heroes who offer their own special ability in combat. But also give us bonuses outside of combat. Heroes trained in certain skills will give you unique options when dealing with random events.

Even though in the demo there are not a great deal of random events and I may have encountered a few a number of times, I can already see so so much room for expansion, with different factions of vastly different scope and the whole universe more to explore.
They are also varied and interesting, some explain a bit more of the plot while others have you make a moral choice.

 Stunning lighting an crisp graphics really make you fall in love with the game

What I really love, Crying Suns does not hold your hand. It won’t be a walk in the park, battles very quickly get out of hand later on if you don’t play your cards right and its very easy to over tax your very limited resources. Do not expect to win on your first or even fifth play through (which just so happens to be how many it took me to complete the demo!)

This is a game I will be following the future development of very closely. Their Kickstarter still has a few days left, so if you are interested, check it out. (The best part, you can try the demo too!)

I am very interested in how they will expand on the current combat system to allow for more varied tactics.
Unlike for our protagonist the future of Crying Suns looks incredible and I for one, cannot wait.

Now excuse me, I am off to find the secrets of the Omnis!

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Ash is an avid strategy games player who likes his games to be as difficult as possible. He has a passion for LARPing and even owns his own plate mail armour!