Author: Ash Mayer

Feel the Snow – Explore an adorable winter wasteland

I am a big fan of survival games, especially co-op ones. So when I stumbled upon Feel the Snow I just had to give it a go. So, what is about? On the surface Feel the Snow is a cute little sandbox adventure game in which your little snow creature must survive in a harsh…
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Frostpunk – Everyone I love keeps dying

So, What is Frostpunk? Frostpunk is a strategy survival sim set in a steampunk Victorian alternate reality where the world is suffering from a new ice age, most of humanity has been wiped out and those few who have survived have settled a new home around a steam generator that provides the new most important…
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Crying Suns – Take to the stars!

So here I am browsing social media when I stumble upon a link a friend has posted up, a new game which has blasted through Kickstarter that has a very FTL feel to it.. I just had to try it out… Right off the bat Crying Suns sets the atmosphere, we are shown a very Matrix…
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