Author: Ash Mayer

Invisible Inc. – A Turn Based Tactical You May Have Missed

What they can’t see, CAN hurt them. You control a group of ragtag operatives fighting back against the mega corporations that control most of the world as we know it, somehow they have found your base of operations and hit you like a hammer. Your base has fallen and most of your agents have been…
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Feel the Snow – Explore an adorable winter wasteland

I am a big fan of survival games, especially co-op ones. So when I stumbled upon Feel the Snow I just had to give it a go. So, what is about? On the surface Feel the Snow is a cute little sandbox adventure game in which your little snow creature must survive in a harsh…
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Frostpunk – Everyone I love keeps dying

So, What is Frostpunk? Frostpunk is a strategy survival sim set in a steampunk Victorian alternate reality where the world is suffering from a new ice age, most of humanity has been wiped out and those few who have survived have settled a new home around a steam generator that provides the new most important…
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Crying Suns – Take to the stars!

So here I am browsing social media when I stumble upon a link a friend has posted up, a new game which has blasted through Kickstarter that has a very FTL feel to it.. I just had to try it out… Right off the bat Crying Suns sets the atmosphere, we are shown a very Matrix…
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